Purity from Nature

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The world is changing fast and taste is evolving along with it. Consumers demand authentic, intense flavours – true to nature or better: closer to nature than ever before. That is why chefs are responding to this demand with a changing cuisine: less sweet, more intense, pure and less processed.

In 2013, Cacao Barry® launched the Pureté (Purity from Nature) range, a new generation of chocolates with intense cocoa taste allowing Chefs to release their creativity in their recipes in order to meet this consumer demand. So in a nutshell, “Purity from Nature” is the association between art and science for chocolates with pure and intense cocoa taste.

What is the essential step in the development of the “Purity from Nature” flavours? Fermentation. Thanks to the controlled fermentation Q-Fermentation ™ – farmers are trained to make homogeneous and exceptional fermentation which reveals beans of an exceptional quality with an intense cocoa taste bean naturally present in the plantations, making it possible to reveal the purest and most intense flavours in each cocoa.  They give the utmost importance to quality of their 100% traceable cocoa beans, ensuring an intense and constant cocoa flavour.

Demanding chefs can now boost the flavours in their dessert, pastry and confectionery creations with a pure, more intense cocoa taste. Furthermore, each of these couvertures has been developed around specific applications and allows chefs to create perfect finished products:

Ocoa™ 70% cocoa has been created for enrobing and fine moulding.

Inaya™ 65% yields perfect results in mousses, ganaches and mœlleux.

Alunga™ 41% is the most intense milk chocolate ever created and promises perfection in mousses and ganaches

You cannot get great produce however, without a great workforce and looking after the environment. Cacao Barry works hand in hand with planters on the Ivory Coast that are trained in good agricultural practices, in order to reveal the purest flavours of each cocoa bean. They are then able to give the planters the means to improve the quality of crops, maximising yields and sustainably increase their incomes.

Not only this… Cacao Barry is proud to support the Cacao Horizons Foundation in its mission to improve the living conditions of cacao producers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial and optimized farming. By sharing their expertise, they can ensure that all stages of Q-fermentation are respected.

What is Cocoa Horizons?

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation for the Supervision of Foundations. Present in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Tanzania, this foundation focuses on two essential levers to meet the challenges and achieve concrete progress: productivity and community.

For more information on Purity from Nature Products, take a look at their flyer:

Purete Leaflet 


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