Dairy & Eggs

Wild Harvest is one of the finest speciality dairy and egg suppliers in the UK, sourcing and delivering a mouth-watering range of quality gourmet products from around Europe.

We work with some of the most skilled producers to bring our customers a selection of the finest dairy goods and eggs available on the market. Our range includes both everyday and premium varieties, and covers fresh milk, cream, crème fraiche and artisan French butters, a collection of stunning cheeses from the very best British, Irish, French, Italian and continental suppliers, as well as the entire range of Clarence Court traditional breed and rare species eggs.

Across the board all of our products are nothing short of quality. Everything we sell is chosen for being amongst the best products we can source. Take a look at the pages below for more information on our range.


Wild Harvest supply a wide range of the very finest gourmet cheese to our customers, sourced from some of the most skilled speciality cheese suppliers in the UK and around

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Wild Harvest is one of the UK’s finest gourmet food distributors. We carry a range of speciality eggs sourced from the best egg suppliers around the UK and across Europe

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Milk, Cream & Butter

Wild Harvest is a distributor of the milk, cream and artisan butter sourced from speciality dairy producers and supplied to our customers in London and around the UK. We can

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