Cacao Barry’s Or Noir Experience

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At Cacao Barry, they understand that your company and your creations are unique. This is the reason they created the Or Noir concept. They want to help you differentiate your business by helping you create a unique chocolate in your own style.

Or Noir’s research and development team have analysed many different cocoa pastes and chocolates to find out their properties and understand their aromatic profiles. With Or Noir’s patented method of analysis, you will be the architect of your chocolate recipe.

In addition to the creation of your own chocolate, the Or Noir concept that Cacao Barry offers also provides you with the communication tools to strengthen your brand image and explain your strategy to your customers.

“The dream of every pastry chef! For me it was fascinating to have the chance to taste, identify and select the different bean origins to see which one would make the chocolate I wanted. It was like looking for the perfect jewel in the mines of King Solomon”

Jordi Roca – Celler de Can Roca (Spain) *** Michelin

What you can expect when you work with Or Noir:

  1. Discover: The Or Noir Laboratory have selected the best cocoa origins around the world and invite you to explore more than 20 cocoa masses and couverture chocolates. Build the taste profile of your chocolate from their 7 organoleptic notes (aromatic, fruity, etc.) and 20 secondary notes (spicy, floral, liquorice, etc.).

  1. Create: Select the ingredients that capture your imagination during your tasting session, and create it with the help of the Or Noir software. The Or Noir software is an analytical method that allows predetermining of the exact taste profile of your recipe.

  1. Achieve: With the Chocolate Organ, play with aromas to blend chocolate and cocoa masses. You will be able to immediately try your recipe and work it on the marble.

  1. Taste: There is only one judge: the taste. The sensorial analysis will help you decide which sample to choose. Taste, adjust and refine until you obtain the perfect taste profile for your applications.

You can create dark or milk chocolate and your Or Noir recipe will be exclusively yours for 5 years (renewable). It can be available in: Pistoles, Blocks, Neapolitans (4.5 g/8.5 g) and Mini-bars (13.5 g)

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Victor Griffiths – Cacao Barry’s Gourmet Account Manager:



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