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Here at Wild Harvest we can supply you with an extensive range of specialist chocolate that’s been sourced from all over the world. Our team work closely with Cacao Barry who are not your everyday, on the high street sort of brand. They’re the very finest chocolate connoisseurs that you can find, and they pride themselves on providing products with the most intense range of flavours that cocoa can bring. More importantly, they’re passionate about the sustainable practises within chocolate production.

Video of the month – Cocoa Origin!

This month’s video explores the origin of the cocoa. Just like a wine expert can recognise the grape, the region, and even the year of harvest by savouring wine, chocolate reflects the origin of the cocoa beans.

Cacao Barry

In 1842, Charles Barry travelled to Africa to seek and harvest a selection of cocoa beans that would enable him to become the very first chocolate connoisseur. Expanding to Latin America, Cacao Barry soon perfected the art of transforming raw natural ingredients into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Fuelled by over 170 years of cocoa and chocolate expertise across the world, Cacao Barry innovates and supports both farmer’s and Chef’s needs.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the very source, Cacao Barry brings great cocoa from remarkable places to celebrate the diversity of flavours and origins. Supported by their complete palette, ranging from cocoa, chocolate couvertures, pralines to exclusive plantations and customized chocolate recipes by Or Noir, together with their global network of Ambassadors and Chocolate Academy Centres, it is their mission to support Chefs in their daily challenge to delight customers with unique chocolate flavours and creative pairings in signature dishes.

From the very beginning their mission has been to provide new perspectives and constantly set higher standards for the creative world of chocolate. With an un-equalled understanding of the very source, the cocoa pod, they are experts in unlocking all the potential that cocoa has to offer. As a global premium brand, they master cocoa bean sourcing, good agricultural practices as well as the production from all the ingredients; nibs, liquor, butter. All their senses have been fine tuned to work towards consistently creating the best quality and most diverse offer of premium chocolate.

Sustainability is one of their brand’s key priorities as they want to guarantee the livelihoods of farmers, and future availability and diversity of original cocoa flavours. Cocoa and chocolate. Farmers and Chefs. They aim to bring farmers and chefs together as their lives are directly connected and their mutual expertise can inspire each one of them. Cacao Barry values the traceability of cocoa. This involves ensuring that cocoa is sourced from the farmers that are participating in our sustainability activities, so that everyone can feel good about buying a quality product that supports a responsible source.

For more information on Cacao Barry Products, take a look at their stunning product guide:

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