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Wild Harvest is a leading fine food specialist, distributing premium foods to discerning customers around the UK since 1993. Our passion for quality products and outstanding service has lead us to become one of the premier fine food suppliers to the very finest dining establishments, including 75% of the UK’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

Our product range began with wild mushrooms and truffles, and we still source exquisite varieties to this day from our network of professional foragers out in the wildest regions of the British and European countryside. But over the years our specialist buyers have worked with carefully selected growers and producers to source one of the most diverse selections of first-class ingredients. Our range now includes a variety of the finest fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs sourced from around the world at their seasonal best, artisanal cheeses, butters, milks and other dairy produce, as well as a stunning array of fresh and cured meats and a selection of premium seafood and caviar. We work with expert producers who craft a selection of ambient products, including the finest oils, vinegars and condiments as well as a specialist range of top quality cocoa beans and chocolate. We also stock a huge collection of Sosa’s premium ingredients, which are perfect for high-end chefs looking to be at the leading edge of gastronomic innovation.

This top quality product range comes with an unrivalled service, including the highest levels of care and flexibility. Our multilingual customer service team are recruited for their experience in top-ranking restaurants to ensure that they have a firm understanding of the circles of service and a vast knowledge of the products we supply. At the same time as being one of the leading fine food suppliers, Wild Harvest is also a critical part of the Fresh Direct Family.

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If you would like to talk to our team please call us on 0207 498 5397 or send us a quick request using the button below.