Fine Seafood

Wild Harvest is one of the UK’s best fine food wholesalers to leading dining establishments in the UK, with a specialist team of buyers that can source a colourful range of fish and seafood from the best suppliers.

We are highly particular when it comes to seafood, and our team ensure that we work with some of the most skilled producers to bring our customers a selection of the finest seafood varieties available on the market. Our range includes Black Pearl sea scallops, squid ink, luxury peeled tiger prawns, whole prawns, marinated anchovies, premium Ortiz anchovies coated in oil, meaty decadent crab claws and an array of frozen and whole bottarga mullets.

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Wild Harvest specialise in supplying rich, quality caviar to industry leading dining establishments in London and around the UK. Our range includes the prestigious caviar beluga – one of the

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Smoked Fish

Wild Harvest is a smoked fish supplier to industry leading restaurants within London and around the UK. Our team of buyers focus on wholesale speciality foods, including sustainably sourced, top

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