"An absolute Aladdin's cave for any serious foodie."
- Gordon Ramsay
A Specialist Range Sourced From Skilled Producers
Our product range began with wild mushrooms and truffles, but over the years our specialist buyers created one of the most diverse selections of first-class ingredients, including the finest fruit and vegetables, plus plenty more.
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Eggsquisite Eggs
With the aim in mind of maintaining an innovative and exciting product range, we have now added Clarence Court eggs to our product offering. Give us a call to find out all about this mouthwatering range!
We have a network of professional foragers bringing you the finest ingredients

About Us


We started life as a truffle and wild mushroom supplier, selling the very finest mushrooms and white and black truffles to the UK’s leading dining establishments. Over the years our product range has grown significantly, but we’re still the experts when it comes to truffles and we still source the finest varieties on the market.


Wild Harvest prides itself on providing the best seasonal produce to our customers all year round. Our team of buyers are all connoisseurs of procuring gourmet food, so we source speciality produce ranging from wonderful fruit and vegetables to delicious meat and dairy from producers around the UK and internationally.


The New York Times recently ran an insightful article about saffron, explaining how in such a lucrative market, there are people buying up vast quantities and stowing it away. More worryingly, is the amount of fake saffron on the market, highlighting the importance of a trusted supplier.

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