Wild Harvest can supply your business with a variety of modern gastronomy ingredients from our Sosa range. We have a team of experts that work closely with Sosa to source and supply products that are highly innovative and technological.

Our range includes texturisers, freeze dried products, aromas, gelificants and many more that can be used in a variety of applications. Our Sosa supply includes popping candy, fruit compounds, soy lecithin and air bag, and our colourful range of crispys and delicious aromas are extracted from real fruit and vegetables, which will add an exciting and unique flavour to your menu. This type of supply is all about utilising creative culinary flair by manipulating ingredients and experimenting with flavours and textures.

So if you’re business is looking to plate up a phenomenal modern dish, where chefs can play and experiment with different textures, then our incredible Sosa range is perfect for you.