Aromas & powders

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Wild Harvest is a Sosa supplier to some of the UK’s leading chefs, eateries and businesses in London and the UK. We specialise in delivering ingredients that are nothing short of quality, and it’s our relationship with the passionate and experienced team at Sosa that enables us to showcase one of the finest ranges of premium modern gastronomy ingredients to our customers. We have an extensive range of Sosa that includes the full A – Z of aromas, such as essences of fruit, mushrooms, flowers, spices, herbs, trees and plenty more. We also supply lactic powders like butter, mascarpone, milk, goats cheese and parmesan powder, to extracted powders like our colourful supply of apple vinegar, artichoke, green mint, passion fruit, white asparagus and red fruit powders, as well as an exciting collection of coloramas like yellow egg yolk, kiwi green, purple, red, green, silver and turquoise powders. There is no limit to our flavour profile supply, and these unique ingredients are perfect for enhancing the vibrancy of dishes. Our sales team are well versed in the supply of Sosa and can help you shape your menu with the latest innovative ingredients. So if you want to learn more about this exciting range, contact our team today!


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Wild Harvest can supply your kitchen with a range of modern gastronomy ingredients, including our specialist variety of Sosa texturisers. This selection of Sosa texturisers enables you to enhance the

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Wild Harvest deliver a wide range of the very finest gelificants to our customers sourced from the very skilled team at Sosa. We have a large array of technical gelificants

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Wild Harvest can supply your business with an extensive range of premium Sosa products, which includes the highly sought after variety of Freeze dried ingredients. We work closely with Sosa

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