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We started life as a truffle supplier, selling the very finest white and black truffles to the UK’s leading dining establishments. Over the years our product range has grown significantly, but we are still the experts when it comes to truffles and truffle products. The king of all the truffles is the white truffle, which is usually found in late September to January in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The second most prized variety is the black Périgord truffle, named after the Périgord region of France where it is generally found between November and early March. Wild Harvest supply other truffle varieties, such as spring white truffles, summer and autumn black truffles. We also produce our very own British truffle oil, and carry a wide variety of truffle products like truffle flour, shavings, and tartufata. Our specialist buyers place huge importance on sourcing the very best wild truffles available; so if you’re after a truffle supplier then we’ve got over 20 years as one of the best suppliers on the market.


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