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Wild Harvest specialise in supplying rich, quality caviar to industry leading dining establishments in London and around the UK.

Our range includes the prestigious caviar beluga – one of the largest and most exceptional varieties due to its very fine, creamy consistency – as well as the smaller ranges of caviar sevruga – a compact imperial caviar that comprises some of the smallest eggs available in the world. We also source classic varieties that are highly sought after by our discerning customer base, including oscietra, which oozes an intense nutty aroma.

Our selection of premium caviar varieties sit perfectly on any high end menu and our sales team are on hand to work closely with you to deliver a product that fits your menu requirements. If your business is looking to expand its existing offering, then we would love to speak to you about our excellent caviar range.


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Smoked Fish

Wild Harvest is a smoked fish supplier to industry leading restaurants within London and around the UK. Our team of buyers focus on wholesale speciality foods, including sustainably sourced, top

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