Wild Harvest Goes Wild for Clarence Court Eggs

This year Clarence Court is celebrating 90 years of producing their best-in-class eggs. Over the past 90 years they have dedicated their time to developing a wide range of much admired, rare-breed eggs. Clarence Court was established in 1928 when the pioneering botanist, collector and horticulturalist Clarence Elliot brought the Araucana hen – laying pastel coloured eggs – all the way from Chile to Gloucestershire. Over the years, these hens were cross-bred, eventually becoming the remarkable Old Cotswold Legbar, the foundation bird of the Clarence Court brand, producing perhaps their most recognisable egg with its pastel blue shell and rich golden yolk.

Over recent years, Clarence Court has revolutionised the humble egg by producing a range from rare breeds and different species, while simultaneously placing the welfare of their animals at the forefront – key to producing a delicious egg! Due to their lower lay rate in comparison to commercial breeds, Clarence Court’s traditional slower growing breeds deliver the distinct shell colours and superior shell quality that are integral parts of their charm.

In addition to the Old Cotswold Legbar, among the other stars of the range are Burford Browns with their bronze shell and golden yolk, free-to-fly quail eggs and rich duck eggs with their pearlescent shells and creamy flavour.

As well as their impressive offer of traditional breed eggs, Clarence Court also produces the largest selection of rare breed eggs on the market, from the exotic, like the rhea, emu and ostrich, to the merely unusual, like the pheasant, guinea fowl, goose and turkey. The fact that many of Clarence Court’s rare breed eggs are seasonal – for example, the pheasant egg season lasts from just April to June – makes them a real treat worth keeping an eye out for! These showstoppers will add something really special to any dish.

This wide range of traditional breed and speciality eggs are lovingly produced to Lion Mark standards by specialist farmers all over the UK who understand that high animal welfare standards are paramount to producing such high-class eggs. All birds are free to roam in a natural environment and feed on a diet of high cereal content feed which is supplemented by grubs, herbs and shrubs found through natural foraging across the acres of green pasture that they inhabit. It is all down to this natural diet that the distinct deep golden yolk is achieved!

It is really no wonder therefore that Clarence Court work with some of the top names in the food industry and we are delighted to announce that Wild Harvest is now an official distributor of their delectable eggs. Simply put, generic free range eggs just do not compare to the flavour, texture and colour of the Clarence Court egg – they really are deserving of the regal crown with which they are stamped!

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