Loving Spanish Charcuterie

Jamones Blázquez is a 4th generation Iberico ham specialist and was formed 85 years ago in Salamanca, Spain. Blázquez owns over 3.500 hectares of parkland in the best area of the Spanish geography. There, cattle are being reared, pampered and fed.

The life of what later on will become a true gem begins on the border between Badajoz and Seville, in a landscape filled with Holm oaks and acorns which creates the perfect ecosystem.

Blázquez has achieved a unique animal breed, crossing different Iberian pigs. It takes them long time to get the perfect combination, but now this control on the pigs genetics let them gain a competitive advantage offering incomparable quality products.

Pigs are fed with a mix of cereals as wheat, barley or soya, with water and vitamin and calcium supplements if it is necessary. A great part of these cereals is also produced by Blázquez in its owns farms.

Blázquez feds progressively their cebo pigs. “We do not want fat pigs but mature and well formed pigs”, told us the Export Manager, Luisa Sanchez.

Pigs are not in cages, they walk freely in their farms, where they receive the best cares. Blázquez animals exercise their muscles, and the results are clear when they taste their meat.

Their famous products are so good that they have expanded into the international market 8 years ago. They operate in 30 countries and have won prestigious awards such as te Superior Taste Awards (2012-2017 Crystal Award).

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