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Wild Harvest delivers some of the finest premium vegetables sourced at their seasonal best from outstanding growers in the UK, Europe and around the world.

Our close connections with a network of professional growers, along with daily deliveries from Rungis Market in Paris to our warehouse in the New Covent Garden Market, ensures that we can offer our discerning customers an unrivalled range of both gourmet and everyday vegetables.

The premium vegetables we supply include delicious varieties like sand-grown carrots, oca tubers, chervil root, scorzanera, Romanesco, British black garlic and many more. Beyond these rare varieties we can also supply your more everyday vegetables, including a range of roots, tubers, squash, brassicas, mushrooms, stem vegetables and alliums. These vegetables are far from ‘everyday’ though, as being a premium food supplier, we won’t deliver anything short of the finest quality we can source.

So if you’re looking for a seasonal vegetable supplier, then contact our team with your details to get our weekly produce update.


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