Oil & Vinegars

Wild Harvest supplies premium oils and vinegars to some of London’s most prestigious fine dining establishments. Our purchasing department have global connections with producers that are passionate about manufacturing quality oils and vinegars that are both rich in flavour and highly concentrated.

We have a wealth of speciality oils and vinegars which includes luxury olive oils like, leblanc olive oil, mas les bouviers and tega basilica, as well as a selection of seasonal seed oils from pumpkin seed, leblanc grapeseed, wharfe valley rapeseed, sunflower oil and hill farm rapeseed oil.

You’ll also find a wide collection of flavoursome nut based oils, which includes almond, argan, hazelnut, pistachio and walnut oils, or if you’re looking to experiment with some unique tastes, we have premium avocado oil as well as a beautiful British rapeseed truffle oil, fresh lemon olive oil, and black and white truffle oils for you to choose from.

Our vinegars are highly sought after, and include an indulgent range of French wine vinegars such as; banyuls, tarragon, walnut, verjus, as well as Spanish sourced wine vinegars including forum cabernet sauvignon, forum chardonnay vinegar, muscatel and sherry vinegar.

If you would like to know more about our speciality range of quality oils and vinegars then please contact our team today.

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