Wild Harvest deliver a wide range of the very finest gelificants to our customers sourced from the very skilled team at Sosa. We have a large array of technical gelificants that allows ingredients to be easily manipulated according to your creative needs.

You’ll find Sosa elastic on our product list which allows you to make jellies which are pliable and versatile, as well as Sosa Gel burger, a product that enables you to combine two ingredients to mould together in any shape. Products like Sosa Instant gel enable you to set liquids within 30 minutes at room temperature, and vegetable gel powder is a great alternative to an animal gelatine – you can even make fun concoctions like liquorice spaghetti!

There is nothing ‘everyday’ about this range, and you’ll find that they can even save you time in the kitchen and eliminate risk to be more creative on a larger scale. So if you can see a space for Sosa gelificants, then call the team today and we will help you ‘set’ your menu.

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