Wild Harvest are specialist game suppliers armed with an expert team of buyers who source wild meat for leading restaurants in London and around the country. The gamekeepers we work with are passionate about raising richly flavoured wild game that is known to be the finest products available in the UK.

Our meat larder is nothing other than majestic, with red grouse, wild mallard, partridge and pheasant featuring on our seasonal game product lists. Our decadent range continues to accommodate the demanding culinary needs of Michelin star restaurants with gorgeous products like wild boar saddle, red deer saddle, young grouse, oven-ready hare, South Downs fallow deer saddle, trimmings and haunch, pigeon breast, pigeon effiles, as well as wild duck heart, breast, liver, legs, gizzard and fat.

Across the whole range you can expect all of our products to be nothing short of top quality, sourced at their seasonal best from the finest gamekeepers around.

We are experts of wholesaling the very finest gourmet food, so if your business is in need of game suppliers, contact our team today.

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