Wild Harvest is one of the UK’s finest gourmet food distributors. We carry a range of speciality eggs sourced from the best egg suppliers around the UK and across Europe and have recently added Clarence Court eggs to our range.

Clarence Court: The UK’s Premium Egg Producer

Over the past 90 years since the company’s inception, Clarence Court have dedicated their time to producing the highest quality eggs from a variety of the most wonderful birds ranging from their traditional breed hens producing the iconic Old Cotswold Legbar with its pastel coloured shell and rich, golden yolk and the bronze-shelled and deliciously creamy Burford Brown all the way to a range of seasonal delights! Among their seasonal range are ostrich, goose, guinea fowl and delightful pheasant eggs – however with many of these enjoying quite short seasons, we would advise keeping an eye on our social media accounts to ensure you get to make the most of these wonderful eggs.

Quail Eggs: Clarence Court Quail eggs are among the only free-to-fly quail eggs produced in Britain meaning that the eggs are produced according to the highest animal welfare standards in the country. And the result? Absolutely sublime, richly flavoured eggs that are ideally used as part of a dainty appetiser!


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