Wild Harvest is one of the UK’s finest gourmet food distributors. We carry a range of speciality eggs sourced from the best egg suppliers around the UK and across Europe.

British Duck Eggs
We supply the ever popular Watercress Lane Duck eggs. Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are one of the UK’s leading producers and are setting the standard in safety, quality and traceability. All of our Duck eggs are stamped with the “Blue Egg” logo as a mark of guarantee. A Blue Duck egg undergoes a different process to any other duck egg, and as a result will be safe, fully traceable, labelled with lay dates and best before dates, quality marked, fresh and naturally delicious.

Speciality Eggs
Apart from the humble fresh free-range chicken eggs which we carry, we also supply delicate quail eggs, olive green and brown pheasant eggs, as well as our popular laser cut egg shells which come in white or brown.

We have and egg for every occasion, contact us today for more details on how to get ‘cracking’.

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