Wild Harvest can supply your business with an extensive range of specialist chocolate that’s been sourced from all over the world. Our chocolate isn’t readily available on the high street, and our team work closely with Cacao Barry who are passionate about quality chocolate, but more importantly, sustainable practices within chocolate production.

We have a wide variety of chocolate that have different flavour profiles, fluidity ranges and applications. We carry the newly launched purity range, which includes the alunga, ocoa and inaya chocolate which is made by using the newly discovered ‘Q’-fermentation process. Amongst our supply is the origins range, which includes chocolates from specific plantations from around the world. Our chocolate ranges from a 31% to a 72% cocoa content and suits many flavour profiles.

If you are needing a more finished product, we have a selection of spheres available in white, milk and dark chocolate, as well as chocolate baking sticks, chocolate coffee beans and pralines such as hazelnut, almond and gianduja. We also stock the ever popular mycryo which is a cocoa butter powder.

We work closely with growers that nourish cocoa crops both sustainably and responsibly. The provenance of our products is what makes our range highly sought after, and our discerning range of customers; from pastry chefs, chefs and confectioners, are confident in our ability to supply the finest chocolate around. So book your chocolate tasting today and sample our range!

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