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Wild Harvest has procured premium bakery products for years. We have a highly informed team of buyers that have built long-standing relationships with producers from all over the world. It’s our commitment to sourcing quality bakery goods that has enabled our products to reach the kitchens of high-end eateries and Michelin star chefs in the UK.

We have a range of speciality flours ranging from the highly sought after tapioca, buckwheat, and gluten free plain flour that are naturally free from gluten and boast great health benefits. This small collection of bakery products are ideal for those lighter gourmet dishes, where you have an abundance of textures and taste to play with. We also supply an extensive variety of organic flours, which include bread, cake and ciabatta flours, as well as the more continental Canadian flour, plus an exquisite range of the very finest five seeds blend, Irish soda brown flour, pure Italian white flour, kamut flour, a creamy thinly granulated textured malthouse flour and both dark and light rye flour.

Of course we source self-raising white flour, spelt flour, stoneground flour, swiss dark flour, French white flour, wholemeal bread flour and wholemeal self-raising flour for culinary needs. Our range also includes light cornflour, chickpea flour, as well as Italian pasta flour and semolina flour and arrowroot flour.

The versatility of our product range will enable your creative flair to roam free. From traditionally baked desserts to the more culinary skilled desserts, our selection is perfect for you. So if you’re looking for a bakery product supplier, get in touch today.

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